What to Expect on Day 1

Many of our new patients want to know what they can expect on their first visit at Oregon Laser Lipo. We have a great, no stress environment, that you will love coming to.

We start everyone with a consultation, where you will learn about the technology we use as well as how it will work on your body. You will have the opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations. Our highly trained and experienced technition will assess and make recommendations as to how to best achieve those goals.

If we accept you as a candidate for the procedure, we can usually start treatment on the first visit. Your tech will take measurements of specific sites on your body and take ‘before’ pictures. Your full body procedure will last just under 1 hour. It is pain free, completely non-invasive and extremely relaxing.

After the procedure, post measurements are taken. A loss of 2″-5″ is what we see on the first visit. You will be given post procedure instructions on how to maximize results. Your next appointment is scheduled and back to the rest of your day, you go!

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